Bring on the hangovers!

Expectations from 2014-15

Last few seasons we’ve shown the fight and led the table for many weeks, but deep down we all knew we were banged on for 3rd or 4th again. Just a few seasons ago there was real daylight between league leaders and us. A lot better than mid table. But way off the top. Always a few players short. Always a star missing to inspire.

This time though, much has changed. Deadwood has all been shipped out. Weaker links have been exchanged for more reliable performers. e.g. Callum Chambers is just 19, yet everyone sees what a massive signing he would be for us. We’ve wrapped deals early and there has been some time for players to introduce themselves to each other despite the WC. Sanchez and Campbell add some genuine trickery and firepower to our attack. Sanogo who I personally am not convinced about at all, seems rather confident. And 4 goals to open your account can’t be a bad thing. Could we do with another CF, I think we could. But AW knows best. Perhaps goals would be shared across even if OG hits a rough patch. Could we do with a DM? I think we could. But perhaps the deal is taking longer, or availability is an issue. Till then its MA8 and Flamini. Not the strongest in PL. Not the worst either.

Overall the squad is stronger and with that I fancy us nicking a few more points in top 6 battles which we were rather poor at, last year. Besides that we should see some dropped points recovered just owing to a better squad depth and Shad Forsyth. It might not result directly in points, but we know this was definitely a reason why we lost few points last year. Add to this ‘that winning feeling’ and I think we could be on to something.

Realistically speaking am I expecting us to win the PL and CL. I am not certain we will, but our attempt will be a lot more convincing. Our fight might continue till the last leg and then who knows when luck favors the brave, anything can happen. We are in the mix certainly as curtains are raised tomorrow.

On paper we look the 3rd best squad to me and that’s where I expect we’d finish. Anything above that is a bonus. Any other silverware is a bonus welcome but I am happy as long as The Arsenal are really in the mix. I’ll take that. More than that we’ll know on match days.

What I’d like to see this year:
1. More points against top 6.
2. Quicker movement. More incisive in the final 3rd.
3. Plan B. We have men in the squad for it now.
4. I want AW to give it back to media and other managers, like a rich spoilt man.
5. Return of one touch football. We have more talent in the squad now and one-touch can make its return to our style if TR7 can stay fit, and if Jack can get on the ball more often. These 2 gents are my best hope for one touch football. And I’d like to see a lot of it.

I honestly do not care for winning the league or any other trophy. I just want us to be fearsome with the way we play. Like we used to. I want our street credit back. I want some battles to be won before the game started. I want managers to say “But we were playing against The Arsenal… this was expected” I want us to be cocky. I want us to be Stringer Bell. I want us to be Tony Soprano.

Bearded Ramsey is coming for you. Run motherfuckers, run!

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