Yellow Submarine.

As a gooner there are some things you want to do. Once, then again and then forever. Like Tollington / Gunners Pub pre-post game. Or going to an away game. Specially if it involves a boat!!

Thanks to my darling gooner buddy Kal (@goonerkal) I got on to this away boyz boat. This was one of ‘the’ experiences I dreamed off. Being on a boat to Fulham, so when Kal asked me and Christian, “should I get you guys tickets”,  I quickly exchanged my ifs & buts with an air ticket to London.

Realised a little later that the reporting is at bloody 8.00 am in the morning. Beer gargle etc, and other jokes followed. The other downer was that Kal had to miss the trip for some reason. And so I looked forward to meeting other gooners on the boat. Ricky and Peter. And met a few more luckily.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking and not bore you with words. And I do not know many people by name here. So please tag or RT this post to them to find themselves, if you identify them.


Yes it almost looked b/w at 8.00 am. We were a few minutes early and it was still drizzling.


That’s my pal Shami. First beer at 8.15. Never had alcohol this early in my life!

B67A1342Went upstairs in a bit to find that the foot stamping and singing had begun. We moved.

B67A1343And its Aaaaaarseeenaalll!! Arsenal FC !!! We’re by far the greatest …

B67A1348team… the world has ever seen….

B67A1351And its Aaaaaarsenalllll!….B67A1346

B67A1365And there were no Tottnum points in the gap… there were no Tottenum points in the gap…

B67A1367 Red Army!

B67A1369Red Armyyyy!

B67A1384Thiery Henry… Theiry Henry…. Thiery Henry … Thiery Henry… tra lala lala tra lala lala

B67A1389 B67A1373 B67A1395It was a great band. I don’t know their names but they kept the crowd jumping.

B67A1399 B67A1405 B67A1390That’s a good combination too!B67A1412Walcott Wasn’t being missed. But Theoo Theooo Theoooo did not really fit the mood on the boat.


Red Armyyyy! B67A1430


You wont find shit. you won’t find shit. (To the fisherman on the shore)B67A1421Gooner from Brazil in yellow, bought me a beer.

B67A1431Nut case! (Look closer! (Adult content warning!))


We won the league…. at the shit hole…B67A1450

We won the league at Shite Hart lane….B67A1447We won the League! At Shite Hart Lane!

We won the leagueeee at the shithole! We won the league at shite hart lane!

B67A1443Ricky checking for team news perhaps!


If you Hate Tottnum sit down! If you hate Tottnum sit down!

B67A1466What do you think of Shit!? …. Tottnum


And its Arsenalllll!!!

B67A1471Who are ya Who are ya!


This man had a massive Berghkamp Tattoo on his forearm.  B67A1486And then there were 4 Tottnum points in the gap. (in the gap) There were 4 Tottnum points in the gap. (in the gap) ……
And the boys from The Arsenal Shot one down…. and the boys from the Arsenal shot one down…

B67A1494…there were no tottnum buys in the gap! (my fav chant – but about 6 mins long. I love it)

B67A1496Off the boat. Won’t stop singing though. Not at the Pier.

B67A1499Not at the Bridge.


Not in the tunnel.B67A1506Not even at the Underground station.

B67A1509Not even when you reach.

B67A1512Just won’t stop singing!

And then it rained cats & dogs and were huddled into a km long penguin march all huddled up, looking down. Of course the camera was kept away. It re-emerged after some one decided to put use to the flare they had brought along.

B67A1513 Panoramafulham B67A1531

And what a sweet result to this game as well. Made it all, all the more special.
Would I do it again?
Wouldn’t you?

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3 Responses to Yellow Submarine.

  1. Zama says:

    Great stuff Ankit. What a crazy bunch of gooners & someone really optimistic as well, what with the Diaby 24 shirt and all : ) Keep it coming as & when you get the time. 2 more matchdays to go, right?

  2. Fattcheeked says:

    Love this.

  3. Best Arsenal fan blog I’ve seen. Different, engaging and top quality photos. Some of the chants were wrong but I’ll allow dat bluhd!

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