Conspiracy Theories


Well we are in some kinda soup. Aren’t we? So I am just guessing the recipe today.

A. Silent Stan has spoken: The clearout this summer is a clear evidence of it. Its not possible that AW who thought all the departing players were worthy of game time last year changed his mind all of a sudden this summer, about all of them. Its very clear that someone perhaps other than AW (probably a consultant SK hired) sat down with AW and crossed all names. Those are gone. At all costs. A bit mercilessly too. Not very Wengerish I’d say.

So the same gent probably also sat down with AW and wrote down areas we need to strengthen and prospects intended. I believe we are working on this list. A CF & a DM is a certainty (its official that we bid). We could get more (a CB perhaps) but I suspect those deals have been postponed for just before the window closes. When the market is the most ripe.

B. Little Bit Deluded : Perhaps it is still believed by some that playing for the Arsenal is a sure shot way to attract players. We offer Champion’s League football after all. And then there is Arsene Wenger. Which player in the world would not want to play for Arsene huh? Well we found out a few this year. Who looked like almost signed up, decided to go elsewhere. The regular trick didn’t work. (This may take little bit longer to realise and by then it will be too late. Again!)

C. Arsene’s last hand: A part of me feels this could be Arsene’s last year here. But he would want to make a statement certainly before he goes. For ages we’ve cited paucity of funds as the reason for our make-do finishes. But this year there is a rumoured war chest. Excuses have gone out of the window then? Well anyone who can do a 2+2 will say that we might need 2-3 transfer windows to inject real quality and perhaps will be ready at the top most level in 2 years. But media will certainly ask AW questions at the end of this season. Some fans would too. “What did you do Arsene? What did you do when you finally had money to throw?” it will be a tough question to answer because the average intelligence of masses isn’t 140+  Certainly Arsene has thought of that day & that question. And so he could go either of the 2 ways.
A. Stick to his guns, add a couple of players. Not spend all 70 and try to get the best result from it all. State lack of talent in the market as reason for inactivity, and then back to a ‘poor Arsene’ wave towards 2nd half of the season, and a gritty finish. Leave on a moral high.
B. Go out with a bang. Spend all. Still finish 4th. Laugh with a giant Fuck You ‘Told you so’ look on face. Retire and finally write that book.

Either way. We all look like we’re sitting on a pot. Constipated.


PS: Predictions for this season.

1. Barely finish 4th again.
2. No trophies.
3. Will look to sell a key player (or 2) end of the year.
4. Arsene quits.

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