#FFriend Index & Gooner Glossary.

Every friday I feel bad when someone does an #FF mention and I don’t respond or have done it only as a response. I feel conversations and the bonds created thereby are stronger. Still, as a permanent solution I am creating a list here which captures my favorite people who I interact with most on Twitter. Will keep adding to this list. This list is in no particular order and new people each week might be added to the top:

@RickLee14AFC > The man is all heart. Does not mince words. No sugar coating. No room for being political correct. Calls a spade a spade. Always. Could be misread as negative, but I firmly believe that his expectations of The Arsenal are very high.  And that you can not argue against.

@cockneycomic > Beer, Good times & Arsenal. You want a better combination?

@jebarwocky > A friend from before twitter. His trip to Emirates and its description  accelerated mine. Always over optimisic and after the quadruple. So we say #Jebaknows!

@fahads10 > A friend who I met on the football field. A very good footballer. Gooner who loves his dose of Barca. Relatively new to twitter. Sharp wit & humor. Warning: don’t mess with him.

@FattcheekedXL > Very kind. And straightforward. Always supportive and fair. Wrote a guest post for me on my blog. Famous line: “Can’t a brother dream?” Always looking for an interesting argument (about arsenal of course).

@TsokanEbami > Calm and measured. A good friend again and very supportive. Always there for a conversation. Gets most predictions right. Famous Line: “Brain = Zero!” (said in a big brother kinda response to a silly tweet he received from a very young gooner)

@sudiptarsenal > For the longest time I was confused and never clearly addressed sudipta as a ‘dude’. But a dude he is, always knows what’s going on where. A fantastic source to ask just about any question about this club.

@KunaloxBhatia > Know him for a month or so, already a good friend. Gets hyper excited on Matchdays with Shout outs and predictions. Ladies love him. Still figuring out why.

@Arsene Cross > Very cheerful gooner. Always bright and smiley. Has the best AW DPs ever. Very supportive and always interested in a good laugh. I love such people.

@Gooner Kal > Have always loved his pics from the train. Kal (on twitter) has matured more in a year than Carl Jenkinson. He is the perfect Gooner. Polite, funny, reasonable, and in control of his emotions (most of the times). Following him led me to some other great gooners too. And I keep forgetting he is born & raised in UK and send him a one-liner in Hindi sometimes. He keeps reminding me. I intend to test his patience a little more.

@Anna Lvova > She is popular, and for obvious reasons. If you are looking for more reasons, click here !  Might have the biggest heart of all fans. Always positive. Cheering gunners and travelling gooners alike. Always the first one to see the bright side of things. Her resemblance to Heidi Klum is the only thing that would keep you from calling here Mama Gooner. Too hot for that!

@KeithTheGooner > Just read his Bio and you’ll know what you’ve dealing with. 2 of my 6 pack are just from laughing at his jokes. He doesn’t know me too well. But I know him. He is funny (good!). He is a gooner (great!) and is standing behind that bar from which I intend to get free drinks playing my gooner card (Yay!)

@Shami > Not a gooner. A chaddi buddy (Indian for childhood friend). He is a Utd fan unfortunately, but has a rather large soft corner for Arsenal. Very funny and witty. Would trade Ramsey in for Ashley Young anyday. Already sounding like a rare species right? Damn right, he is.

@Invinciblog > I love his blog. My teeth fall off almost every time I read his posts. Am planning to get dentures and persuade him to write a book.

@Dave Seager > Mr. Seager is one of the most accomplished bloggers around. His knowledge on AFC is deeper than Roman’s pockets. And his research for each post will leave you awestruck. Reading his posts is an education in itself. Quite a few times in an argument with another gooner, I find myself pasting his blog links as evidence. Yepp… that good!

@goonerjon777 > Fact: All architects are intelligent people. And this one loves his Arsenal and writing about it too. Polite, graceful and extremely supportive of others.

@Victoria Scott > Massive fan – Check! Crazy – Check! Extremely funny – Check! She is a great one to follow during interlull. Am still trying to figure out what her sign off – “Vx” means. Am thinking kiss from Victoria, Very large kiss or wait… is that a nose and a peck? Going to ask her soon.

@Lindsay Melrose > Words are not enough to describe this one with such an extended vocabulary. So I will her introduce her through a SONG! Kicking ass on twitter everyday since god knows when. Love her for being herself and not being PC. That’s politically correct – Fuck that!


Gooner Artists & Resources:

@nine-o : The very talented artist behind the art at the Gunners pub. Check here! >
@Roxy Harris : The talented gooner who produced “Sign da Ting!”
@AFCPhotobank: Anna’s initiative – A place that speaks a thousand words. Arsenal official photos from all over the web

Glossary :

Items listed here must be known for their origin and relevance.
(please contribute here guys)

Mind the Gap!
Hello Gays!
Little Boy
Horse Placenta
Mr. Blogs
Full kit wankers
Barca DNA

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