Swallow it.

My last post was some time back, and then I got entangled in shoots and travel. I wanted to write about the draw at City and the game I did not see (6-1 thumping of Coventry) , but couldn’t convince myself to do so.

City result was a disappointment really. Surprising, but true. Who wouldn’t take a draw at defending champion’s home turf. Most would. Even Santi & Per were jubilant as they shared excited hugs post game. But to all viewers the reality was different, it seemed like 2 points dropped. I looked at some City twitter accounts post the game and the fans of the blue moon couldn’t stop sighing with relief that the game ended in a draw. Arsene and Bould prepared well for the game. You could see that in neutralising of Toure and the outstanding interceptions by Mertesacker. Had Gervinho… ok you all know what happened. No point repeating it.

For the Chelsea game we seemed unprepared. Were we expecting to hold the ball and keep Chelsea pinned back to their 3rd, with Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Ramires & Torres? Who are we kidding. Unlike City (where if you could keep Toure/Silva quiet you’ve won half the battle) this is best midfield in premier league where any of those names can have an outstanding game and influence the game single handedly. Again we all know how the game went, so I won’t remind you of something you don’t wish to remember. Just that it was not Koscielny’s fault. 4-5 of such no-man’s-land goals happen every season. It’s just strange, let’s accept it. Chelsea deserved their win. They got it.

It’s not all doom & gloom of course because we lost one game to a very good side. Of course not. But this game just exposed some harsh realities about the side. With Diaby’s injury even before Gervinho could miss his first shot, the question was who will fill the gap. Who will form the golden traingle with Arteta and Santi.

Could Ox do it?  Honestly I think its not such a clever idea, playing Ox in the centre. Yes he has got a great shot. And he did score a 25 yard screamer against Coventry. But that’s it. He is not known for his incisive through balls, or clever chips over defence. Neither can he do a Coquelin. His assets are speed & trickery, which are best utilised on the wing or even as a striker. But as a MF behind Santi? Hmmmm… Can he play there though. Could he do it? Of course he can. He can play DM, he can play RB, he can play CB, he can play R2D2 and even in the Goal as Woj does not have much use for his gloves these days. Anyone can play anywhere. Ramsey can play on the wing. Gervinho can play as a striker. Arshavin can play with himself. What a wonderful world. Sigh!

I think I am going to buy a Tiger. A real one. Feed it vegetables and fruit. Train it to fetch my newspaper. Make it wear gaudy sunglasses and insist that it meows instead of roaring. Occasionally I would like to ride it to my gym. What!!? I’m being absurd? Tell Arsene! He started it.

Ox in the center is all bollocks, because we didn’t buy another MF (Sahin/Cabaye). God forbid Diaby & Jack take longer than expected to return. How long before Ox starts getting frustrated playing in the center. He is not a Tiki-Taka, he is a dribble&Smash kinda player. He could get as frustrated out of the wing as Arshavin got in the wing. Utd had a similar profile player. Who would whack anything that comes his way. Gibson. “Had”. They decided they needed a real midfielder, and sold him off.

What about Ramsey? Can he play in the center? Of course he can, he can play anywhere. He is anyway all over the place. All the time. Ok yeah, I am not a big fan of his. Obviously! (insert rolling of eyes). Most of you would have gathered that about me, and how I feel about Ramsey. But before I say anything further. I actually think there is a positive in him that we can use. And the only place he can play for in the team is the current Arteta’s role. Sit deep, be assertive in defence. run box to box. Ramsey can do that? Yes I believe he can. It will take a few games but I think he can. He can be Arteta’s deputy. There are 3 clear positives to this.
1. We can rest Arteta before any big game and use Ramsey there.
2. Less pressure on Ramsey to create. And
3. I get to see less of him.

Such beautiful thoughtsIf these thoughts were to be given a shape of a person, it would look like Marlyn Monroe with Kim kardashian’s ass.

But that’s not the only problem we have. We don’t a have a world class striker, and we don’t have a world class keeper. If Gervinho can be central striker, why not try Mo Farah as well. God knows he can run. Forehead is as far from being a striker as his shot was against City with no pressure on him. Ok yeah yeah alright I’ve heard it all. “At least he does not hide. At least he keeps running. At least he does not give up.” So what!? What do we achieve out of it? Pick any player from 2nd division or from france (oops) and they’d do it too. At least equally. Gervinho is the most frustrating player to watch on Television. And I have no fucking idea what he is doing at Arsenal Football club. Of the few goals he’s scored, 2 were bundled in which would have gone in even if the crosses hit a dead goat lying exactly where Gervinho attempted his finish .

Olivier Giroud. Hot and handsome. But only in the magazines so far. Of course RVPs shoes are too big to fill. He is tall and strong and people say his off the ball movement is good. But again he is as convincing in replacing RVP as OX in the central role right now. I would go to the extent of saying if Arsene was going to settle for an average striker, what’s wrong with Bendtner? He is tall & strong. We know what he is capable of. And we would have saved 12mn. As of now there is nothing to prove OG is better than Bendtner, but i’d really like to be proven wrong. Sooner than later.

And then the Goalkeepers. Woj had a good 2011-12 campaign. So good that he’s become quite full of himself, leading to casual behaviour (see him featuring on Ox TV, or in the red-card special for Poland. Hosting nation mind you), in turn leading to a self inflicted real-fake genuinely-bogus 3 week “injury”. Its not exactly asking for the moon to expect Arsenal football club to have 1 world class Goalkeeper and Woj as his deputy. Both Fabianksi and Mannone inspire as much confidence as a lone birthday candle in a dark forest.

These are not fresh thoughts which mushroomed overnight after the defeat to Chelsea. Its obvious that 2 of the 3 new players have had immediate impact. It’s also obvious that we are clearly lacking in a few areas. We will win many games this season because of our renewed confidence and also because its more men with balls in the squad than kids. But at the same time this might not be the only game we lose this season.

I could sound like a pessimist. Though I like to believe I am a realist. Arsenal for life. Yes. In Arsene we trust. Yes. Best football club in the world. (for me) Yes. Best squad in the world. No fucking way!

Lie to anyone, everyone. Not to yourself. Saying AFC has the best squad in the world and we will win everything this year is same as saying Gervinho is better than Ronaldo and Elizabeth Taylor died a virgin.

Besides Arsene’s magic we also need some good fortune this year. Like, an injury free year for Diaby, Jack, Cazorla & Arteta. Like, us surviving with forehead and the dead goat till Jan, and then buy a new one. Alive. Like, Woj to stop grinning like a fool and read Art of War . It might not happen. Not all of it. But like my friend @FattcheekedXL says… “Can’t a brother dream?”

I know it was not very flowery and peppy post. What is this – The Sun pg 3? . So I thought I’d make it up to you by sharing this brilliant and catchy song on Theo by @RoxyArms

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2 Responses to Swallow it.

  1. GoonerGuy says:

    Few valid points, can’t fault that. But overall tho…you sound way too negative. Such post shouldve come at least before d season started. our first loss and u write this? Bro chill. #GoonerPower

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