Merry Merry.

It’s been a great week. Feels like Christmas almost isn’t it. A 6-1 win over Southampton last weekend and then a half convincing but important win over the French champions Montpelier. Jack is back in training (and so is Frimpong). Sagna back in full training next week too. And the week after it Rosicky would be back too. Did Santa leave his bag behind?

Let’s break this big chocolate bar down to smaller chunks. First one then, was a chilled 6 pack shoved in the face of saints. We did get slapped back once and Szcenzeny is still in bed because of it. I am quite certain that these 3 week unexplained injuries are basically Arsene Wenger turning into Tony Soprano. “You disrespected da-Bing! Why you gotta do that. Aye!?” Seriously though if there was an imaginary weighing scale which could measure the intensity of emotion, and if we were to compare the jubilation of the 6 goals to the one we gave for free, I still hurt more from the stupid goal WS gave away. It’s just one silly mistake yes, just one fumble. Forgiveable? Yes. But who need to forgive him really are our splendid back 4 and the amazing Arteta. A record 270 mins without conceding once, is reset. All the amazing hardwork put in by Mertesacker in reading the game, full backs intercepting, wingers back-tracking and Arteta’s superman-flying is reset. That would piss me off. I am sure if Per allowed himself emotion, he’d stand Szczesny up and just look him up and down for 2-3 minutes. Coming into this game City would have thought to themselves “Damn! who is this Bould guy, they have not conceded for 4 games now!” Ok Per can you change it to 4-5 minutes please. After that let’s move on.

Besides that moment of stupidity, there was plenty to celebrate. Regardless of the scoreline we defeated southampton at football and that’s a great feeling. 2 own goals would have gone in one way or the other, even without them I never took to the edge of my couch. Not once. The goal which stood out of course was Podolski’s free kick. OMG finally. There’s that goal that we can score too. Almost like 100 bucks you find in an old jacket. Makes you smile. Pass of the game for me was Arteta’s chip over the defender to Gervinho who couldn’t decide what to do, dribbled 2 steps, danced sideways for 5 seconds and then fell on his ass as he fumbled on the final pass raced away and shot past the goalkeeper. Honestly I was more surprised that the goalkeeper. And see this is why you should not rely on youtube videos all the time Kelvin. Walcott scored a I-can-do-this-in-sleep-bitches-where-is-that-contract-?-?-? goal.

Against Montpelier we started where we left off. It was quite remarkable to see a bang-bang reply. I think we should have fired one more in the head too immediately. Otherwise it becomes like one of those horror movies when you haven’t seen the dead body, and you’re always thinking that-thing could be back. Second half was almost that. If their finishing was even as good was Ramsey’s they could have levelled scores. Thrice. Gervinho has now scored 3 for us in 2 games. 2 of them were really bundled in goals. They don’t count in my books as striker goals, or even poacher goals. But if it adds to his confidence, let’s have 2 more of those.

2 more things that i’d like to remember about this week are Oscar’s wonder goal. (Sheer magic.) And Young boys being too young for any comedy or humor. They killed a joke which would have kept us all laughing for a few weeks. Damn you and your plastic pitch!
(Also Chelsea drew and City lost in CL.. so tee hee hee to that too)

And here we are. 24 hours away from our acid test. The first real test for this side if you ask me. A test which will shape my expectations for us this season. We were mildly lucky against Liverpool honestly and against Montpelier. But if we can nick a 1-0 tomorrow, I would use ‘Luck favors the brave’ in every 3rd sentence and use it for the next 3 weeks. No jokes. They are defending champions and have a top player in each of the 11 slots. Of this ConAir cast we could find thick neck and short ears most irritating tom. I am sure Bould has a plan for Yaya. Make Diaby run alongside Yaya the entire game, like a mirror reflection and then tell him every 2 mins… “See I am just like you… see.. “. It will be a big test for the efficient but not so quick German. Tevez and Aguero are likely to run in circles like giggly kids during lunch break. Let’s wait and see if the Per can be that guy behind the tree who sticks out a foot. C’mon Per! be a bad guy just once. Please!!!

ManC can match us in every department. And it is their home ground. I am not the least bit offended if they are treated as the favorites for tom. Great. The pressure is on you then. Cazorla must be licking his lips for this challenge. And so will be the 10 others I am sure of that. One guy who can really change this tactically in our favour could be the out of favor Theo. His pace could be something, that our opponents have no answer for. So picture this… their home game > they do that silly blue thing and song > start with purpose > we sit back and soak pressure > they push forward > we wait > we wait > release Theo! Catch him if you can! Hooorah! 92nd min One Nil To The Arsenal etc etc … but picturing it counts for bull. Arsene is most likely very unlikely to start him.

Tomorrow we will answer these questions:

1. Can our defence withstand bigger world-class waves of attack?
2. Can our midfield create under pressure and spring a surprise?
3. Is the absence of a classic striker a good thing, and the way forward? (if OG does not start)
4. Does Vito really have the balls to be no. 1?
5. And how long should we laugh at the blue currency if we win?

Last contest was a 1-0 win for us, and that’s all we should all remember going in.
See you on the other side of a massive hangover.

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  1. Utkarsh says:

    Cheers to that!

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