Boring Boring Arsenal – 26th Aug.

The scoreline 0-0 sort of tells you the kind of game it was. We created chances. Cavemen behaved as expected, even without Delap. Gervinho still missing his shooting boots and Poldi is a bit rusty.

The Oh-shit moment in the game for me when Giroud tried a 30 yard quick shot which flew just over the out of place goalkeeper and the post. It could have been a glorious goal which gives him gallons of confidence, and a certificate of merit to Arsene for his shrewd shopping. To his right was an unmarked Ramsey freely running to the goal, and ultimately just ended up throwing his hands up in disbelief.

Well there is no guarantee that Ramsey could have controlled the ball and shot it past the keeper, given that its Ramsey we are talking about. But that still, was our best scoring opportunity in the dying minutes of the game. That was 2 points dropped. Arteta is not happy currently with the way squad performed. We are with you brother, we feel you. We’re not there yet. If you happen to have seen Liverpool v/s City next, you might have appreciated the difference in speed and quality of this game. It made Arsenal’s game before look like beach volleyball. Played by men.

I say “Oh yay!” to the clean sheet gloaters and all the “At least we are above spurs” logic. The real test is yet to come and we are not prepared for it yet.

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